Landscape photography with a difference!

Out with the Panasonic G1


What has happened to Summer. Gone, its just gone. What happened to all the glourious Sunshine I seem to remember from when I was much, much younger. Perhaps I only recall the good. But, I think you would have to agree the recent 'Summers' have been pretty bad. Overcast, flat diffused light, no shadows of which to speak, fleeting at best. It leads to incredible frustration. We have had a few days recently which were ideal. You know, that brilliant bright Sun with well defined and strong shadows. I really love that. So here are a few pix from the Panasonic G1 taken fleetingly in those precious fleeting moments of brilliant light.

Tryfan in Profile

Above: Tryfan in Profile.

Castell CaerdyddAbove: Castell Caerdydd (Cardiff Castle) from Bute Park.

The Bridge

Above: Chepstow Bridge.

and finally...

Tryfan in Profile

Above: Back to my second favourite 'hobby', the summit of Tryfan.

During the brief visitation of Mr. Sun I did take out the Leica IIIc, so the next post will have a few of these pictures, mainly taken at the Abergavenny Steam Fair a few months back.