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FED UP! Film vs Digital.


Sometimes I go through moods. Film mood then a digital mood and then back again. It just comes and goes. Recently I have been in a film mood, more specifically a FED mood. I decided to dust off my 1960's FED 3 and together with its Industar 61 52mm f2,8 lens a shooting we went. Now this mood coincided with the release of Lightroom 3 and I wanted to test the new grain feature of LR3 with the real thing (that's film and not a fizzy drink) I loaded the FED with AGFA APX-400 which I later developed in very dilute Rodinal using my usual stand develop process. The digital camera I used for this trip was the Fuji Finepix S5 Pro with one of Sigma's pro lenses. Both cameras of course were using the same focal length. The shoot in question was a friend's pre-wedding shoot at a local castle. Instead of me blabbing examine the pictures below. What are your conclusion?

As you can see Lightroom does a pretty good job of simulating film grain. Much better than the software I previously owned, that being NIK Software's Silver EFEX Pro, but that is a matter of opinion.  Upon examination of the whole file, my preference is still with real film and as good as Lightroom actually is, it is still a simulation of the reality. Give it a go! Next week (I hope) is my review of the Canon Powershot S90.