Landscape photography with a difference!

Avoiding the Cliche


I think if I see another picture of Buachaille Etive Mor I think I am just going to scream. The same goes with The old Man of Storr, the Quirang, the Angel of the North and other places that we see time and time again in the magazines. I mean, I am not criticising the quality of the images or the photographer, they are brilliantly executed, brilliant pictures, but, these places have been done to bloody death. How many more times! HUH! It drives me nuts. Right from the beginning I was determined not to fall into that particular cliche. I don't want to do it. I don't want to produce photos that everybody and his dog has done before. Why go over old territory? (it's all for cash me thinks)!

I mean, have a look at their sites here...

just to name a few. Their respective works are sheer brilliance. But, I wonder if you printed a selection of their work, mixed it, would you be able to identify whose work is whose? Now, the reason why I have avoided making similar images is everybody is doing the same. With the advent of easily accessible digital technology (damn that!) the field becomes even more competitive. Sometimes I have had an inner struggle not to pursue the imagery already mentioned. Sometimes it's hard to resist. Economically it has been detrimental, but, I really want to create a distinct style of my own. Sometimes I just wrack my brains thinking 'what can I do here'. I don't know! I feel like I am working towards something that I know is there, something I can't quite visualise and that someday I'll achieve my destination. Until then, I will avoid the cliche, the easy money lucrative cliche.

...and now some completely cliched shots. Wintery fun snapshots, nothing more.