Landscape photography with a difference!

Living in the UK does have advantages!


Not many granted, but there are advantages. The British are obsessed with the weather! Why! Because you can’t plan anything. You plan a canoeing trip down the river Wye. You arrive - it’s RAINING! You invite friends over for a BBQ, they duly arrive - in the RAIN. You think “Oh! This coming Saturday I think I’ll pop off to Pen y Fan, after all,  the forecast is good!”. You arise on that Saturday morning, open the curtains - its RAINING! And so on… Why people actually want to come here and “live”, well, I just don’t know. Is the money worth it? However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a metaphorical silver lining to that cloud. So, come to Bank Holiday just gone and guess what! It’s RAINING! The Diving plumber is doing a mini-deluge act. To cut a long, tedious, overcast story short. I decided to trawl through unprocessed RAW files on my external HDD to see if there were any I fancied re-processing. I found a quite a number, all of them four to seven years old.  They were “passed-over” the first time mainly because of my lack of ability in processing them. In the intervening years my technique (if you can actually call it that) has improved and so has the processing software. I am not going to tell you want it is as I paid enough for it and the thought of promoting the software for free just appals me. Anyway, tucked away safe in my Arc with the deluge hammering against the window, I processed away! Here are two of the results...

The picture above is of the grand Snowdon horseshoe as I was rushing to the Bunkhouse one Friday evening. The Sunset was amazing and when I passed Llyn Gwynant further down the valley, the calmness of the Llyn was incredible, here is where I made the main exposures as the Sunset had deepened in intensity.

The second picture is one of the waterfalls on avon Mellte near Ystradfellte.  Truly a beautiful little gorge. I must go there again.