Landscape photography with a difference!

Pen y Fal - Sugar Loaf


Saturday afternoon’s jaunt was yet another trip to Pen y Fal, Sugar Loaf to the English speaking world. A shapely peak that seems to tower above Abergavenny as one travels the A40 approach road. Abergavenny is surrounded by three “big” hills, Sugar Loaf (596m), The Blorens (561) and Ysgyryd Fawr (486). For a hill of this stature the ascent is easy and pleasant. The rewards far outweigh any pain with excellent views all around. If you have a couple of hours to spare I would highly recommend this little hill with a lot of Welsh character.

However this trip was made on a biting winter’s afternoon late in December when the weather can be bitter. If you have the visibility the dark and dank cloud cover can make the landscape ominous and brooding. Ideal for atmospheric photography. Wrap up warm with adequate winter clothing as a bare hand will be rendered immobile in a matter of minutes. Not good if you need to operate a camera. The wind ripping across the exposed summit can cut and chill to the bone so take care.

I had with me the Fujifilm Finepix S5 Pro and the Rolleiflex. I had the 1953 Rollei loaded with HP5+ which I exposed at EI200. On this day the conditions were pretty cold and with intermittent bright clear patches which seemed to make the darkness darker. Then, thankfully, the weather deteriorated rapidly until one experience a short but sweet blizzard of heavy snow. This is what I call fun! I managed to expose a full roll of HP5+ and this awaits development which I will do during the week. For now, some of the pictures from the S5.