TMP Gear

The gear I use, if its of any interest is as follows...

Canon 5DS R. This is the best camera I have ever used. Everything about it is excellent save two caveats. The dynamic range is somewhat behind its peers. The shadow areas become very noisy when lifted and have an unpleasant green tint. The dust removal system needs improvement. Come on Canon, Olympus had this sorted in 2003. In real life shooting in most cases these issues are irrelevant. the sharpness is amazing and the colour output is wonderful.

50mm f/1.8 STM
24 - 105mm f/4 L
200 - 400mm f/4 L EXT

Olympus E-1. I acquired the E-1 in 2007 and have used it ever since. At "only" five megapixels it still can do A3 prints. Other camera have come and gone but I still keep coming back to the E-1. There is just something really appealing with the colour of the RAW files. After all these years and all the camera I have used only the 5D has a colour output that is as pleasing.

Zuiko 14 - 45mm

Panasonic TZ100. A powerhouse of a photographic tool that fits in your pocket. Amazing image quality for the size of the camera and with a lens that covers the range of 25mm to 250mm (35mm equiv.). it outperforms my old professional DSLRs. 

Leica M8. Leica's first digital rangefinder, the M8 is just wonderful to hold and use. Used in conjunction with 28mm, 50mm and 90mm this is really all I need. Although a pleasure to use my main bugbear is dust on the sensor and I seem to be forever cleaning it. But the output of that Kodak sensors from the Leica glass has an ineffable "feel".

Software, hardware do you care. I like to keep things simple, for digital processing it is the excellent Capture One Pro 10 which is used almost exclusively and when I need to make more advanced edits then it's Serif's Affinity Photo. I use a 2011 Mac Book Pro with two internal SSDs and 16Gb of RAM.